Wynot Basketball (all home games)
  • Crowd limited to 50 tickets per school.  Each schools will receive tickets in the mail to distribute however they choose. 
  • Concessions limited to eating areas (special areas designated for each team)
  • Only drinks are allowed in the gym
  • Masks required at all time (unless eating in the designated area)
  • Social distancing strongly encouraged
Basketball @ Winside 12.4.20
  • Visitor and Home attendance will be limited to 75 fans per school, a spreadsheet with names will be at the gate for admission and only those will be admitted who are on the sheet with no substitutes. This will be sent to the school’s AD.
  • There will be no concessions, unless restrictions are changed. Pre packed foods may be allowed after the games for athletes, but will not be allowed in our facility.
  • Masks are mandatory for fans and all none playing team members/coaches and table workers. Officials will also be wearing masks. When entering all masks must be worn.
  • There will not be any halftime activities allowed.
  • If concerned bring your own water. Ice will be furnished if needed.
  • Our games will be on Strive (winsidewildcats.org/extracurricular/live events) There is no charge for viewing! 
  • Locker rooms will be assigned and only that team is allowed in!